White Wheat


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Hearty enough to withstand a Pacific Northwest winter, White Wheat is steeped, germinated and kilned to perfection. By enabling foam retention and contributing rich flavor, it’s the premium choice for American wheat beers.

Great Western Malt White Wheat malt is grown exclusively in the Pacific Northwest. Fully-modified and kilned to develop rich and malty flavor, it has enzyme levels similar to our two-row malt.

Color Range °L : 3.0 – 4.0
Target Color °L : 3.5
Moisture % : 5
Protein Total % : 11.2
Extract FG Dry : 85
Max Usage Rate % : 100
Diastatic Power : 165
Organic : No
Origin : North America
Geography : Northwest USA
Size (Lbs) : 55
Maltster : Great Western Malting


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